As a young man in Italy in the end of the seventies, I sometimes had conversations with strangers in the main square of my hometown Ferrara. It happened often when I sat on the stairs in front of the cathedral, or by the fountain where people queued to have a sip of fresh water in the summer.

Some of those random conversations developed into humorous dialogues, or in heated discussions, or even into friendships for life.

Sometimes I did go inside the cathedral. I would usually sit on a bench at the back, oblivious to the priest’s words but fascinated by how every word, every movement, the music, the solemnity, the gestures of the churchgoers were so precise and synchronized and seemed to be enormously meaningful to them.

Later in my life, I travelled to other continents and always made a point of visiting the local places of religious practice. As different as they were from each other, I was always fascinated by the intensity, the energy, the level of immersion that radiated from the believers during the celebration of their rituals.

I could see how people’s belief in different deities and divinities was transforming them.
It was not the subject of their belief who did that. It was the ritual practice itself.
A ritual, just like a work of art, is a slice of carefully organized time in which every word, sound and movement is a refined and conscious expression of what matters. A home for transparency and authenticity, a home for challenge and risk as well as for soothing and nourishing.

For me, RE(W)RITE! is a temple for celebrating human
A temple where everyone is the divinity. A temple for our time.

Nullo Facchini
Artistic Director of TanTou

Performed in Tønsberg on March 3-5 2023 by:
Nullo Facchini, Marta Pawlikowska, Sara Tanita Vilardo
Directed by: Nullo Facchini

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